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Sierra Club | 23-Feb-2018
The proposed policy follows the escape of over 200,000 Atlantic salmon from the company’s fish farms, sparking outcry from Indigenous groups, environmentalists, and fishing communities.

Telecompaper | 23-Feb-2018
Telefonica has filed an arbitration complaint with the World Bank’s ICSID against the Colombian arbitration fine for breaching a government contract for mobile services.
Oil and Gas Online | 22-Feb-2018
Ongoing negotiations to modernize NAFTA must advance our role as a global energy leader by retaining US access to Mexico’s newly-opened oil and natural gas market and providing strong protections, including Investor-State Dispute Settlement.
Scoop | 22-Feb-2018
Canada and the US are set to agree on withdrawing the controversial investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between the US, Canada and Mexico.
Alternatives Economiques | 22-Feb-2018
Une étude de l’OCDE énumère tous les effets négatifs de l’investissement international notamment sur les pays en développement : éviction des entreprises locales, impact environnemental dans les industries lourdes et extractives, « perturbations sociales d’une commercialisation accélérée ».
CincoDías | 21-Feb-2018
 Inversores de Novenergia logran un laudo condenatorio en Estocolmo. El demandadente reclamaba 60 millones y otros 1.900 millones en otro arbitraje.