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IISD | 14-Aug-2018
These claims come at a significant cost to target countries and their citizens, since these claims will ultimately be paid by a large underrepresented class of stakeholders: the public.
IISD | 14-Aug-2018
Ces recours représentent un coût significatif pour les pays ciblés et leurs citoyens, puisque qu’ils devront au final être réglés par un groupe de partie-prenantes largement sous-représenté : le public.
Chile Mejor sin TLC | 6-Aug-2018
Esta semana deben ser votados en el Congreso Nacional cuatro tratados de libre comercio: con Argentina, China e Indonesia en la Cámara de Diputados y el polémico TLC con Uruguay en el Senado.
Boston College Law School | 8-Jun-2018
The high costs and potentially high damages characteristic of ISDS cases have made it a new and highly attractive market for third-party funding.
Truthout | 28-May-2018
The takeaway from the UNCITRAL’s process for its so-called "reform" discussions is that lawyers making millions in ISDS cases are welcomed, while the voices of the millions of people whose lives are harmed by ISDS cases brought by multinational corporations are barely an afterthought.
AFTINET | 11-Apr-2018
Kahale uses examples from his own experience to argue that the ISDS system based on commercial arbitration principles is not fit to arbitrate cases in which international companies seek compensation from governments for changes in health, environment or other public interest laws.
Curtis | 5-Apr-2018
I thought it would be both exciting and challenging to follow clients into this new area of investment claims practice. What I didn’t know was that I was entering the Wild Wild West of international practice.
RCF | 28-Mar-2018
La France et ses partenaires européens ont donné mandat à la Commission de mettre en place une cour conçue spécialement pour protéger les investisseurs étrangers.
El Salto | 28-Feb-2018
¿Aprobaría usted que la Unión Europea firme un acuerdo comercial con el régimen de Duterte en Filipinas o con el Gobierno ilegítimo de Temer en Brasil a pesar de graves violaciones de derechos humanos? Nadie le va a hacer esa pregunta, sin embargo, la Comisión Europea trabaja en esos y en otra decena de tratados, muchos de los cuales pueden cerrarse sin siquiera pasar por los Parlamentos nacionales.
Gisborne Herald | 26-Feb-2018
Profit is king. People are the pawns, and the Government will seem to be in favour of supra-national conglomerates if it signs this “new” TPP inclusive of the ISDS.

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