AFL-CIO | 29-Jun-2016
Brooke Guven (Colombia Center on Sustainable Investment) talks about investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) at AFL-CIO conference on trade.
PowerShift | 16-Jun-2016
The 16 clips of this playlist were produced by members of the S2B network as part of the project "Making EU investment policy work for development".
IISD | 15-Jun-2016
Lauge Poulsen is a Lecturer in International Political Economy at University College London. His recent book explains why and how developing countries signed up to investment treaties.
No al TTIP | 11-Feb-2016
¿Qué son los tribunales de arbitraje? ¿A quién benefician? ¿Pueden poner a un estado bajo las cuerdas? ¿Desde cuándo existen? ¿Qué papel juegan en las negociaciones del TTIP?
Equipo Jackson | 27-Jan-2016
¿Qué es el TPP? explicado con papas, kiwis y berenjenas
Oneworld | 17-Dec-2015
Arbitration between investors and states (ISDS) has been around for a while, but in recent years the number of cases has exploded.
TNI | 24-Nov-2015
Professor Gus Van Harten, Osgoode Hall Law School, and Rupert Schlegelmilch, European Commission, Directorate General for Trade discuss the European Commission’s proposed “Investment Court System”.
Democracy Now | 30-Oct-2015
The basic point is that TPP is a trade agreement that has all kinds of provisions intended to restrict regulations.
Abdel en vrai | 19-Oct-2015
Le traité transatlantique aura un effet catastrophique sur notre santé, parlez en autour de vous.
RT | 26-Sep-2015
Campaigners gathered outside a secret court in central London on Friday to protest against a controversial EU-Canada trade deal that will empower corporations to sue the British government.

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