The latest | 15-Jun-2018
Company is seeking $4.4bn in compensation for alleged losses related to its Rosia Montana gold and silver project, which Romania refused to approve following relentless protests.

Business Review | 14-Jun-2018
Ten photovoltaic energy producers filed a request for arbitration proceedings against the Romanian government at World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.
TNI | 13-Jun-2018
The ever-expanding Energy Charter Treaty and the power it gives corporations to halt the energy transition.
TNI | 13-Jun-2018
L‘expansion constante du Traité de la Charte de l‘énergie, et le pouvoir qu’il donne aux entreprises pour s‘opposer à la transition énergétique.
TNI | 13-Jun-2018
El Tratado sobre la Carta de la Energía, en constante ampliación, garantiza a las corporaciones poderes para frenar la transición energética
CEO | 13-Jun-2018
New report exposes how the little-known Energy Charter Treaty gives corporations the power to halt the energy transition. And how it is being expanded, threatening to bind yet more countries to corporate-friendly energy policies.
Dawn | 13-Jun-2018
Pakistan may be at the risk of new investment arbitration lawsuits if it formally signs an international Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) under which powerful investors have already sued other states for $35 billion at various global tribunals.