ISDS reformado
IISD | 2-jun-2023
Le protocole sur l’investissement de l’Accord portant création de la Zone de libre-échange continentale africaine a été adopté par les chefs d’État africains les 18 et 19 février 2023.
Mondaq | 2-may-2023
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law ("UNCITRAL" or "Commission") Working Group III finalized provisions on the use of mediation in ISDS.
Balkan Insight | 21-abr-2023
Despite warnings that it could deter investment, Albania is pushing ahead with plans to establish a local commercial court to replace the World Bank-funded international arbitration body.
United Nations | 6-abr-2023
The working group completed its work on a draft code of conduct for arbitrators in international investment dispute resolution.
Saskia Bricmont | 25-ene-2023
This report analyzes the proposed interpretive guidance on the Investment Chapter of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union.
Saskia Bricmont | 25-ene-2023
La déclaration en voulant clarifier les choses crée de nouvelles zones de flou et, en définitive, tout dépend de la conception que les arbitres devant régler un différend précis se font du lien entre la transition et la protection des investissements.
The Daily Star | 13-ene-2023
Bangladesh as a capital importing country must tailor the four core provisions of BITs namely – fair and equitable treatment; expropriation; non-precluded measures; and monetary transfer provisions to safeguard its regulatory power as host state.
European Journal of International Law | 12-ene-2023
Individuals who have not spent their careers within the field of investment arbitration (and are perceived as ‘outsiders’ by those within that field) have developed more disruptive reform proposals while arbitral insiders have typically proposed sustaining reforms.
Business Recorder | 7-dic-2022
There are two sticking points in the negotiations of the Pakistan-Hungary BIT: one is “Expropriation” and the other is “Subrogation”.

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