CADTM | 1ro-mar-2016
Los bonos, cuyo pago reclaman los “fondos buitre”, tienen su origen en el fraude, y eso no se modifica por más que la deuda inicial haya sido convertida, Plan Brady de 1992 mediante, en bonos de deuda pública, en un intento de desligarla de su origen delictivo.
América Economía | 8-feb-2016
El CIADI publicó un fallo en su página web ratificando una decisión emitida a mediados de 2012, que había sido apelada por Argentina.
América Economía | 8-feb-2016
The ICSID, the World Bank’s international arbitration tribunal, ordered Argentina to pay 136.1 million dollars plus interest to the companies, EDF International, Saur International and León Participaciones Argentinas for breach of contract.
Tele Sur | 5-feb-2016
Macri firmó un "preacuerdo" con los bonistas italianos que habían quedado afuera de los canjes de la deuda pública en defaults efectuados en 2005 y 2010.
Merco Press | 5-feb-2016
Argentina announced that it reached a $900 million preliminary accord to settle its pending debt with 50,000 Italian holders of defaulted Argentine government bonds. The Italian bondholders had sought about $2.5 billion at the ICSID.
Buenos Aires Herald | 15-sep-2015
Litigation finance treats litigation claims as financeable assets, just like real estate or receivables
JD Supra | 18-ago-2015
Argentina filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia a petition to vacate an UNCITRAL arbitration award, which could have broader implications for determining partiality of arbitrators.
Inter Press Service | 12-ago-2015
The dozens of cases that were initiated against Argentina as a result of the outburst of one of its worst economic and financial crises in late 2001 became an often-quoted sad illustration of many of these shortcomings of the ISDS system.
The Ecologist | 25-may-2015
In the rush to oppose TTIP we mustn’t lose sight of the context in which the deal is being negotiated — the hundreds of bilateral treaties that give corporations the right to sue in secret ’trade courts’.
Observatoire des Multinationales | 14-abr-2015
An international arbitral tribunal has just ordered Argentina to pay nearly 400 million Euro to Suez because in 2006, after years of conflict, Argentina renationalized the water services in Buenos Aires.

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