Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 16-May-2017
How far does the new Bolivian arbitration act go in its intent to keep State arbitration inside the country?
Economía y Negocios | 17-Jan-2017
Mientras en foros internacionales Palacio Quemado acusa a Chile de mala fe, de atentar contra el comercio y de no cumplir sus compromisos, lleva más de un año dilatando el cumplimiento de un laudo en el que el Ciadi le ordenó indemnizar a una empresa chilena, expropiada ilegalmente, en más de US$ 48 millones.
Daily Business Review | 17-Aug-2016
Glencore International has notified Bolivia that it has begun arbitration proceedings over its investments in two smelters and a tin mine nationalized between 2007 and 2012.
BNamericas | 5-Aug-2016
Swiss trader Glencore filed for arbitration against the Bolivian government for the expropriation of its mining and smelting assets, adding to a series of lawsuits against the Andean country.
El Pais | 5-Aug-2016
Una subsidiaria de la compañía suiza Glencore presentó una Notificación de Arbitraje en contra de Bolivia, por una supuesta controversia relativa a las nacionalizaciones de las plantas de fundición de estaño y antimonio de Vinto.
IISD | 15-Feb-2016
Bolivia’s experience has shown that attracting foreign investment does not by itself generate the expected development for host states and that, rather, it consists in a mechanism for financing and transferring resources from the South to the North.
Stock Market Wire | 4-Feb-2014
UK power generator Rurelec has won an historic Bolivian compensation award worth $35.5m, the first granted by an international court against Bolivia.
The Nation | 15-Jan-2014
Activists are challenging rules that grant corporations the right to sue governments.
Mining Weekly | 28-May-2013
Vancouver-based South American Silver (SAS), which early in May filed for arbitration against the Bolivian government over the cancellation of mineral tenements in 2012, has entered into a privileged arbitration funding agreement with an international investment fund specialising in such proceedings.
Financial Times | 3-Apr-2013
How did UK-based power company Rurelec manage to get Bolivia to go to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague over the nationalisation of the assets of its local subsidiary, Guaracachi, almost three years ago?

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