República Checa
Calgary Herald | 9-abr-2019
The Czech-based company Petrolama Namur Oil Sands Exploration filed a notice of dispute against Canada on March 29 over the delay in completing the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.
Prague Daily Monitor | 8-dic-2016
Aircraftleasing Meier & Fischer has initiated international arbitration proceedings, asking compensation in the amount of USD 125.17m.
Reuters | 29-jul-2016
Czech utility CEZ has launched arbitration seeking hundreds of millions of euros from Bulgaria for failure to protect its energy investments
| 11-may-2007
A recently spawned legal battle between Slovakia and Madeta, the Czech Republic’s largest dairy processor, has led to a discovery that, for the past 10 years, Slovakia has not honored a trade agreement signed between the countries during the Velvet Divorce.
| 5-sep-2005
Netherlands-based Mittal Steel, disqualified from the Vítkovice Steel privatization, says that in late September it will launch international arbitration against the Czech state.