IISD | 28-Jun-2022
The new "agreement in principle" for a modernized Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) falls short of pledges to make the trade and investment deal better suited to achieving international climate goals, IISD experts say.
CMS Law-Now | 27-Jun-2022
In a award, made in Green Power Partners K/S and SCE Solar Don Benito APS v Spain, a tribunal unanimously denied its jurisdiction over an intra-EU investment dispute arising under the Energy Charter Treaty.
The Guardian | 27-Jun-2022
1994 agreement allows investors to sue governments for changes in energy policy that harm their profits.
The Express Tribune | 23-Jun-2022
Two Turkish waste management companies have filed a complaint in the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) seeking a $230 million award against Pakistan
The Guardian | 21-Jun-2022
Five claimants aged 17-31 want their governments to exit the energy charter treaty, which compensates oil and gas firms.
BNE Intellinews | 17-Jun-2022
Czechia has lost an international arbitration under a investment protection treaty over alleged misconduct by the Ministry of Health in a 30-year-old tender for the procurement of blood plasma processors.
bladi.net | 17-Jun-2022
La société immobilière espagnole, Marina d’Or, qui a construit les célèbres complexes touristiques et résidentiels dans les années 90, réclame 407 millions d’euros au Maroc.
Lexology | 16-Jun-2022
As investor-state arbitration continues its growth as one of the most dynamic and controversial features of international investment law, developing countries must learn lessons from the decisions of arbitral tribunals on old-generation treaties.
Sierra | 14-Jun-2022
How investor-friendly trade agreements might squelch government efforts to halt oil and gas expansion.

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