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AFTINET | 1-Feb-2024
To maintain the system, he proposes that business should shift away from ISDS in state-to state trade and investment agreements, and instead move to ISDS in contracts between individual investors and states. | 26-Jan-2024
What type of ISDS arbitration has been the most used by corporations? Why is it important to understand the different forms of ISDS?
AFTINET | 23-Jan-2024
Pakistan’s previous policy, initiated in 2021, sought to terminate its bilateral investment treaties to avoid further ISDS cases by international investors.
AFTINET | 9-Jan-2024
Panama is facing at least three Investor-State Dispute Settlement cases from mining investors who claim that their investments have been affected by the decision.
CLACSO | 8-Jan-2024
Presentamos el primer número del Boletín Poder corporativo, Estado y luchas sociales: apuntes desde el derecho y la economía política internacional del Grupo de Trabajo CLACSO Lex Mercatoria, poder corporativo y derechos humanos, coordinado por Luciana Ghiotto y Ana García Saggioro.
Rethink Trade | 8-Jan-2024
In our latest episode, we’re talking about Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) and its implications for our economies and democracies.
IRIS | 18-Dec-2023
En février 2023, l’entreprise responsable du défunt projet d’exportation de gaz naturel liquéfié à Saguenay a déposé une poursuite en arbitrage international contre le Canada afin de réclamer des dommages et intérêts de 20 milliards de dollars.
ISDS Case Map
CIAR Global | 14-Feb-2024