CIAR Global | 24-Apr-2017
El despacho White & Case LLP ha publicado un informe que revela que las instituciones arbitrales, respondiendo a la demanda de las compañías usuarias de arbitraje internacional, facilitan en su administración de arbitrajes el recurso a procedimientos abreviados y tribunales de un solo árbitro.
CIAR Global | 24-Apr-2017
El Salvador, a través de un comunicado de la Fiscalía General de la República, informó ayer que ha ganado el arbitraje internacional que mantenía con la constructora costarricense MECO SA por la construcción de un tramo de carreteras, conocido como proyecto Fomilenio.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 24-Apr-2017
The role of third party funding in investment arbitration raises unique concerns for policy-makers because, ultimately, a State’s taxpayers will be liable for satisfaction of any award favoring the claimant.
Global Justice Now | 24-Apr-2017
A new briefing has outlined the likely elements of a UK-US trade deal and argues that it would contain more extreme forms of all the controversial elements of the deal that was being negotiated between the EU and the USA.
TNS | 24-Apr-2017
The final amount of damages payable to TCC in the Reko Diq case may carry serious implications for future development projects in Balochistan.
Financial Post | 24-Apr-2017
Canadian miner Gran Colombia Gold has filed a US$700 million lawsuit against Colombia under the Colombian-Canadian free trade agreement after the government ordered the company to cease operations at the El Burro site in Marmato.
El Mundo | 21-Apr-2017
La minera tiene 120 días calendario, iniciados el 28 de marzo, para presentar recursos legales ante el CIADI.
Tech Dirt | 21-Apr-2017
ISDS is an attempt to remove the risk of investment from companies, and place it squarely on the public’s shoulders, without any quid pro quo.
Interfax | 21-Apr-2017
Ukraine will use all legal mechanisms seeking invalidation of the international arbitration court’s ruling ordering Ukraine to pay Tatneft $144 million.
IPS | 20-Apr-2017
ISDS provisions of investment treaties, free trade and other agreements have increasingly provided an investment opportunity to make money by speculating on lawsuits.

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