The Gleaner | 20-Apr-2018
A Jamaican investor served the government of the Dominican Republic with a notice of arbitration surrounding the state takeover of a recycling facility and waste-to-energy plant.
Reuters | 20-Apr-2018
Investors holding billions of dollars in defaulted Venezuelan bonds have formed at least one bondholder committee, which could signal an eventual legal dispute similar to the dispute with Argentina after it defaulted on its sovereign debt in early 2002.
CIEL | 19-Apr-2018
A report reveals that the recent Achmea ruling by the European Court of Justice could render investment agreements between the European Union or its Member States and non-EU countries illegal.
Bloomberg | 19-Apr-2018
Dislike of investor-state dispute mechanism appears widespread. Public consultation files detail what Trudeau team was told.
BAE Negocios | 19-Apr-2018
El primer juicio que enfrenta el Estado argentino por la reestatización del sistema jubilatorio comenzó hace pocos días en el tribunal arbitral del CIADI, donde una de las compañías que formaron parte del sistema de capitalización privado, MetLife, busca resarcimiento por esa decisión tomada en 2008 por el gobierno de Cristina Fernández.
Observatoire des Multinationales | 18-Apr-2018
Le groupe français a décidé une nouvelle fois, après l’avoir fait contre l’Argentine, l’Égypte ou encore la Lituanie, de saisir un tribunal arbitral international.
Out-Law | 16-Apr-2018
A recent decision under the Energy Charter Treaty by France’s highest court appears to signal a return to a literal interpretation by the French courts of international treaties.
Lexology | 13-Apr-2018
Investors journeying along Belt and Road Initiative should be aware of their rights under the web of investment treaties which cover the route.
OECD | 13-Apr-2018
The Freedom of Investment Roundtable considered a Secretariat paper on appointing authorities and the selection of arbitrators in ISDS
IATP | 11-Apr-2018
The financial industry’s demands for a “modernized” financial services chapter of the North American Free Trade Agreement have been overlooked

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