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Tout DZ | 27-May-2016
Linde a notifié lau gouvernement algérien son intention de saisir le Centre international pour le règlement des différends relatifs aux investissements (Cirdi).

New Generation Trade Blog | 27-May-2016
The new trade is something with much more weight: It’s about community power and who gets to make decisions.
Les Echos | 27-May-2016
Aucun des principes de cet ICS ne pourra trouver sa place au sein de la CPA tant il est impossible de remplacer les arbitres par des juges permanents, de leur interdire d’exercer des activités d’avocat...
The Hindu | 26-May-2016
The new bilateral investment treaty’s gratuitous focus on local courts and taxation may not please our partners.
ICTSD | 26-May-2016
The tribunal considered that the main and determinative reason for the 2011 restructuring was in order for the tobacco giant to bring a legal claim under the BIT Treaty, using a Hong Kong-based entity.
Client Earth | 25-May-2016
The proposal would fundamentally undermine the EU’s internal market provisions and the role of the courts of the Member States and the European Court of Justice in safeguarding their operation.
TNI | 24-May-2016
The Philippines has a web of investment treaties which severely constrain the government’s ability to regulate or close polluting mines, a legal straitjacket that will become even tighter if the EU–Philippines Free Trade Agreement and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) proceed