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Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) refers to a way of handling conflicts under international investment agreements whereby companies from one party are allowed to sue the government of another party. This means they can file a complaint and seek compensation for damages. Many BITs and investment chapters of FTAs allow for this if the investor’s expectation of a profit has been negatively affected by some action that the host government took, such as changing a policy. The dispute is normally handled not in a public court but through a private abritration panel. The usual venues where these proceedings take place are the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (World Bank), the International Chamber of Commerce, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law or the International Court of Justice.

ISDS is a hot topic right now because it is being challenged very strongly by concerned citizens in the context of the EU-US TTIP negotiations, the TransPacific Partnership talks and the CETA deal between Canada and the EU.

IISD | 22-Sep-2017
Swedish investor EcoDevelopment registered a claim at the ICSID against the Tanzanian government for revoking a land title amid concerns over the impact on local communities and a wildlife sanctuary.
Kaos en la Red | 22-Sep-2017
Este jueves entró en vigor el Acuerdo Económico y Comercial Global (CETA), que supone la apertura de puertas a un nuevo modelo político en el que las corporaciones alcanzan cotas de poder que pueden llegar a anular a los Estados.
Politico | 22-Sep-2017
Senior U.S. trade officials have crafted a proposal for the upcoming round of NAFTA talks that would eliminate the practice of having independent panels impose binding decisions in trade disputes.
The Express Tribune | 22-Sep-2017
The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) has not only imposed a hefty fine on Pakistan but also declared that the country will be paying $5.6 million as interest per month.
La Vanguardia | 21-Sep-2017
El CETA ya se aplica este jueves de forma provisional, a la espera de que todos los países del bloque ratifiquen las disposiciones que afectan a las competencias nacionales, como la más polémica, que prevé la creación de un tribunal de inversiones.
Daily Pakistan | 21-Sep-2017
Financially-strapped Pakistan has been imposed with a staggering $700 million in a damages suit by the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) regarding rental power plants case.
Insider | 21-Sep-2017
The Edinburgh-based oil and gas explorer says both it and the Government of India have agreed a timetable for finalising document production, submissions and hearings.
Gestión | 19-Sep-2017
Tribunal arbitral del Ciadi habría culminado con las actas correspondientes al arbitraje internacional, informó Bear Creek. Avanza con estudios del proyecto Corani.
Reuters | 19-Sep-2017
An arbitration clause in an investment treaty between the Netherlands and Slovakia does not violate EU law, an adviser to the EU’s top court said.
Junior Mining Network | 19-Sep-2017
Tribunal hearing the Bear Creek Mining’s Santa Ana ICSID arbitration claim has officially closed proceedings in the case.

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