IISD | 18-Jan-2019
Las disposiciones de responsabilidad social corporativa no cambian de ninguna manera los deberes sociales o éticos corporativos de las empresas en obligaciones legales exigibles en los procedimientos de litigio, pero sin duda podrían moralizar aún más el uso del arbitraje basado en tratados.
IISD | 17-Jan-2019
Des dispositions de responsabilité sociétale des entreprises ne transforment aucunement les devoirs sociétaux ou éthiques des entreprises en obligations juridiques opposables dans le cadre d’une procédure contentieuse mais pourraient permettre de moraliser sans doute davantage le recours à l’arbitrage sur le fondement des traités.
IISD | 17-Jan-2019
Corporate social responsibility provisions do not change the corporate or ethical duties of companies into enforceable legal obligations in the context of dispute settlement proceedings but they could help significantly moralize the use of treaty-based arbitration.
The Conversation | 19-Dec-2018
Westmoreland Coal is suing Canada because it did not receive a transition payment following Alberta’s coal phaseout plan. For the province, coal mining companies have no role to play in the energy transition.
The Guardian | 17-Dec-2018
Global corporations should not have special legal rights to undermine the policies of democratically elected governments.
KolectiVOZ Digital | 7-Dec-2018
Entrevista con Pablo Fajardo, abogado ambientalista de los demandantes a Chevron Texaco en Ecuador, quién nos cuenta sus actuales preocupaciones sobre el caso.
IISD | 28-Oct-2018
The selection of 10 key cases for this book has been made based on investment disputes that have implications for sustainable development, in its three dimensions: economic development, social development and environmental protection.
Le Monde | 27-Oct-2018
The documents highlight for the first time the pressure placed on the French parliament by a foreign company’s threat to use the ISDS mechanism.
Sierra Club | 1-Oct-2018
More outsourcing of pollution and jobs, handouts to corporate polluters, and climate denial
TeleSur | 28-Sep-2018
Pablo Fajardo, the lead lawyer for the communities who have been fighting for 25 years for compensation for the severe pollution in the amazon region, and Donald Moncayo, one of the coordinators of the organization that has led this campaign talk about the Chevron case.

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