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TeleSur | 12-Sep-2018
Victims of Chevron-Texaco’s pollution of the Ecuadorean Amazon have vowed to fight to protect the ruling which has granted them compensation.
APWLD | 11-Sep-2018
“We call on our governments to either address the real reasons why ISDS is fundamentally flawed or to abandon its ‘reform’ agenda that is designed to reinforce and re-legitimise a self-serving investment dispute system.”
CDES | 10-Sep-2018
The signatories of this letter wish to express their rejection of this decision and their support for the people of Ecuador and the organizations that have defended the communities affected by Chevron Texaco.
CDES | 10-Sep-2018
Les signataires de cette lettre souhaitent exprimer leur rejet de cette décision et leur soutien apporté à la population de l’Équateur et aux organisations qui ont défendu les communautés affectées par Chevron Texaco.
CDES | 10-Sep-2018
Las firmantes de la presente carta queremos expresar nuestro rechazo a este fallo y el apoyo al pueblo de Ecuador y a las organizaciones que han defendido a las y los afectados por Chevron Texaco.
Voxy | 14-Aug-2018
A range of labour, health and environmental organisations are calling for a clause to be inserted into the CPTPP Amendment Bill that would prevent future governments from extending investor-state dispute settlement to countries seeking to join the agreement.
FTDES | 1-Aug-2018
Dans le cadre des négociations de l’ALECA, l’Union Européenne a proposé à la Tunisie de mettre en place un mécanisme d’arbitrage entre investisseurs et Etat, sous l’appellation « système judiciaire pour l’investissement » (Investment Court System ou ICS en anglais). Nous interpellons la société civile et les pouvoirs publics pour qu’il soit catégoriquement refusé.
East African | 30-Jul-2018
Civil society organisations are pushing for a review of the BIT between Tanzania and The Netherlands which they say does not serve the best interests of Tanzania.
AFTINET | 30-Jul-2018
“AFTINET will present evidence today to a Senate inquiry that the TPP-11 increases corporate rights at the expense of people’s rights and the environment and should not be implemented,” AFTINET Convener Dr Patricia Ranald said today.

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