Reuters | 24-mar-2017
Transcanada Corp’s legal challenge against the United States over its past rejection of Keystone XL pipeline has been dropped.
IISD | 22-mar-2017
A tribunal under the auspices of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) dismissed all claims by Canadian businessman Peter A. Allard against Barbados.
Tech Dirt | 22-mar-2017
Just the fact that the Canadian government had to go through this massive and expensive process for many years just for rejecting two bad patents should show why ISDS provisions are such a problem.
No al TTIP | 21-mar-2017
Según el periódico Público, el tratado comercial entre la Unión Europea (UE) y Canadá llegará pronto a las Cortes Generales.
Politico | 20-mar-2017
Canada has prevailed over pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly in a long-running investor-state dispute the drug company filed under NAFTA’s investment chapter.
Alternatives Economiques | 15-mar-2017
Le petit livre précis, informé et critique de la journaliste Haley Sweetland Edwards vient à point nommé pour expliquer les enjeux de la contestation contre les tribunaux d’arbitrage.
SAT PR | 10-mar-2017
The Kyrgyz Republic has notified Stans that it filed a claim with the High Court of Justice to set aside the jurisdictional award rendered by the UNCITRAL Tribunal in favor of Stans.
El Tiempo | 9-mar-2017
A la fecha, se sabe que al menos tres empresas legalmente constituidas en Canadá – Eco Oro Minerals, Tobie Mining-Cosigo Resources y Gran Colombia Gold – han activado procedimientos de arbitraje internacional de inversión contra nuestro país, a partir las salvaguardas que el TLC en les otorga.
Lexology | 8-mar-2017
A Canadian company, Gold Reserve Inc, disputed a permit revocation that affected a gold and copper ore deposit exploration project in Venezuela.
DNA | 6-mar-2017
Sitharaman clarified that the negotiation should not get lost in peripheral issues and should focus on bringing in promotion and protection elements.

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