European Law Blog | 22-may-2017
The Court’s Opinion has consequences for future EU trade deals such as CETA and potentially a future UK-EU FTA.
Mondaq | 5-may-2017
A federal district court in Washington, D.C. recently confirmed a $1.2 billion arbitral award in favor of Crystallex International Corp
IP Watch | 28-abr-2017
Although Canada won in a unanimous decision, the ruling does not, however, guarantee domestic discretion going forward, contrary to the suggestion of some.
The Hindu | 27-abr-2017
Enormous political pressure to get the bilateral, economic treaties off the ground, say officials.
Financial Post | 24-abr-2017
Canadian miner Gran Colombia Gold has filed a US$700 million lawsuit against Colombia under the Colombian-Canadian free trade agreement after the government ordered the company to cease operations at the El Burro site in Marmato.
The Whig | 14-abr-2017
The Ontario government says it has paid a $28-million award that a NAFTA tribunal ruled was owed to a wind power company over a provincial offshore wind moratorium.
Manila Times | 30-mar-2017
A giant Australian-Canadian gold mining group, OceanaGold, has been ordered to pay interest on $8 million in legal costs awarded to El Salvador over a lawsuit it lost.
Reuters | 27-mar-2017
A U.S. court has upheld an award by a World Bank Tribunal that orders Venezuela to pay more than $1 billion to Canadian mining company Crystallex, paving the way for the firm to seize assets for the 2008 expropriation of the Las Cristinas gold project.
RTBF | 27-mar-2017
L’utilisation d’une juridiction externe, parallèle aux instances judiciaires des Etats membres contre toute mesure que l’investisseur étranger considère contraire aux droits conférés par le CETA, met en cause la primauté du droit européen.
Lexology | 27-mar-2017
The Tribunal found that Eli Lilly had failed to demonstrate that the promise doctrine constitutes a fundamental or dramatic change in the utility requirement under Canadian patent law or that the promise doctrine is arbitrary and/or discriminatory.

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