Korea Herald | 11-sep-2017
China has shown no hesitation in disregarding its obligations under the free trade agreement with South Korea to take retaliatory measures against the deployment of a US missile defense system in the peninsula, say Korean media
Lexology | 7-aoû-2017
The Tribunal dismissed Yemen’s allegations that state-owned enterprises in the PRC were precluded from bringing claims under the ICSID Convention.
Lexology | 18-jui-2017
Two recent and potentially inconsistent decisions in claims by PRC investors have raised questions as to the scope of protection under PRC bilateral investment treaties (BITs).
NDTV India | 8-jui-2017
What can India do at the level of trade and diplomacy to deal with RCEP
Yicai Global | 17-mar-2017
The Ansung case is the first international investment dispute to enter the arbitration stage where the Chinese government is a party.
The Tyee | 28-fév-2017
FIPA means province could be blocked from improving care standards for residents.
Lexology | 1er-fév-2017
Despite recent criticism from some quarters concerning the use of investment treaties and free trade agreements, the Chinese investment treaty system remains firmly in place.
Calvin Ayre | 5-oct-2016
The Appeal Court in Singapore ruled that Sanum has the right to seek redress under the China-Laos BIT for capital investment benefit losses.
Demerara Waves | 13-sep-2016
Baishan Lin is considering taking legal action against Guyanese authorities, a day after the Guyana Revenue Authority began seizing equipment and allegations that even personal property was being stolen from the company’s workers at Coomacka.

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