Lexology | 4-déc-2017
As China’s Belt and Road Initiative continues to gain momentum, the CIETAC investment arbitration rules are designed to offer an alternative institution and rules to resolve disputes between investors and states.
IISD | 27-sep-2017
Les récentes décennies ont été marquées par l’ascension de la Chine sur le plan économique, militaire et diplomatique et par sa position sans cesse renforcée dans l’ordre international.
IISD | 27-sep-2017
Recent decades have been marked by China’s economic, military and diplomatic rise, and its increasing integration into the international order.
Korea Herald | 11-sep-2017
China has shown no hesitation in disregarding its obligations under the free trade agreement with South Korea to take retaliatory measures against the deployment of a US missile defense system in the peninsula, say Korean media
Lexology | 7-aoû-2017
The Tribunal dismissed Yemen’s allegations that state-owned enterprises in the PRC were precluded from bringing claims under the ICSID Convention.
Lexology | 18-jui-2017
Two recent and potentially inconsistent decisions in claims by PRC investors have raised questions as to the scope of protection under PRC bilateral investment treaties (BITs).
NDTV India | 8-jui-2017
What can India do at the level of trade and diplomacy to deal with RCEP
Yicai Global | 17-mar-2017
The Ansung case is the first international investment dispute to enter the arbitration stage where the Chinese government is a party.
The Tyee | 28-fév-2017
FIPA means province could be blocked from improving care standards for residents.
Lexology | 1er-fév-2017
Despite recent criticism from some quarters concerning the use of investment treaties and free trade agreements, the Chinese investment treaty system remains firmly in place.

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