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PACS | 19-May-2017
The BRICS Group was born in the century XXI with renewed expectations of changes in the world order through greater participation of the Global South. However, what we have witnessed so far is the consolidation of a new/old unequal world order.
EJIL: Talk! | 15-May-2017
While the debate on the treaty regulating business impact on human rights is likely to continue for a while longer, some recent developments in international investment law seem to be moving forward on international human rights law obligations for businesses
Lexology | 15-May-2017
While India and Indonesia may have withdrawn from existing BITs, this does not necessarily leave foreign investors without any protection.
ISDS Blog | 11-May-2017
Morocco and Nigeria signed a new investment treaty, which is a good illustration of the new “generation” of investment protection.
Tele Sur | 11-May-2017
Just days before his term ends, Rafael Correa said he will take a stand against agreements signed before the country’s Citizens Revolution.
El Telégrafo | 10-May-2017
El 45% de las demandas que llegan al Centro y son decididas en sus tribunales se inclinan hacia las pretensiones de las transnacionales, según la Caitisa. Esta noticia ha sido publicada originalmente por Diario EL TELÉGRAFO bajo la siguiente dirección: Si va a hacer uso de la misma, por favor, cite nuestra fuente y coloque un enlace hacia la nota original.
L’Orient le Jour | 5-May-2017
L’Equateur a mis fin mercredi à des traités bilatéraux d’investissement avec douze pays, dont les Etats-Unis et la Chine, alors que le petit pays sud-américain a dû verser de lourdes amendes dans le cadre d’arbitrages internationaux.
TNI | 4-May-2017
El informe se publicará cinco días después de que la Asamblea Nacional de Ecuador recomendó al gobierno que pusiera fin a 12 Tratados Bilaterales de Inversión.
European Commission | 2-May-2017
Negotiators discussed the EU’s reformed approach to investment protection and investment dispute resolution.
The Hindu | 27-Apr-2017
Enormous political pressure to get the bilateral, economic treaties off the ground, say officials.

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