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The Daily Star | 5-Dec-2018
Bangladesh has about 30 BITs of which those with international arbitration provisions tilt to protect corporate interests more than the national interest of Bangladesh as reflected in the Saipem, Chevron, and Niko arbitrations.
ALAI | 30-Nov-2018
Restringir la soberanía, limitar la capacidad de aplicar legislación y medidas administrativas, y permitir que empresas transnacionales actúen por sobre las leyes locales afectando derechos humanos y el medio ambiente.
BusinessLine | 15-Nov-2018
Certain ISDS (Investor-state dispute settlement) cases against India led it to review its stand on investment treaties.
Nodal | 15-Nov-2018
Desde hace 25 años se han negociado y firmado más de 300 TLC y cerca de 3.000 TBI a nivel global. En este cuarto de siglo, estos tratados han ido ampliando los derechos para inversores y operadores de comercio, mientras acotan el margen de maniobra de los Estados.
IIED | 8-Nov-2018
Many SEZs have been associated with compressions of land, labour and human rights. Investment treaties protect investments against adverse regulatory change, including in SEZs. To date, investors have brought at least 20 arbitrations to challenge diverse aspects of SEZ regimes.
Globe and Mail | 28-Oct-2018
Unverified rumours circulated in early 2018 that Canada was willing to abandon NAFTA’s provisions entitling foreign investors to sue for damages under what is called investor-state dispute settlement, or ISDS.
IISD | 11-Oct-2018
The number of known investment treaty claims concerning agricultural investments has grown rapidly in recent years. This new briefing note from IIED, IISD and CCSI helps policy makers navigate the challenges.
Business Times | 11-Oct-2018
Singapore and Indonesia signed an agreement to promote and protect investments, with the treaty promising Singapore companies operating in Indonesia protection and access to international arbitration in the event of investment disputes.
The East African | 8-Oct-2018
Tanzania has terminated its Bilateral Investment Agreement with the Netherlands that East African and Dutch civil society had said was biased against the country.
The Citizen | 27-Sep-2018
Tanzania is urged to review the 15 years Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) with the Kingdom of Netherlands expires in April 2019 before it reckons itself for another 10 years.

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