Estados Unidos
Le Figaro | 15-nov-2017
La société ferroviaire américaine Omnitrax a menacé de saisir le tribunal d’arbitrage prévu par l’Accord de libre-échange nord-américain (Aléna) pour régler le désaccord qui l’oppose au gouvernement canadien sur la réparation d’une voie de chemin de fer.
National Post | 15-nov-2017
Ottawa filed a lawsuit against the owners of a broken rail line in northern Manitoba hours after the company said it would file a complaint against the federal government under the North American Free Trade Agreement.
AFTINET | 30-oct-2017
US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said that the US wants to opt out of ISDS in NAFTA, because of the risk and costs of US governments being sued by foreign corporations, and despite corporate lobby groups pushing to retain ISDS.
Public Citizen | 27-oct-2017
As corporate lobby rages against proposed ISDS rollback, law professors and economists say ISDS undermines rule of law and subsidizes offshoring
Public Citizen | 27-oct-2017
Corporate lobby isolated in its strident defense of the controversial regime that was first inserted into US trade deals with NAFTA and that elevates individual corporations to equal status with nations.
Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea | 25-oct-2017
First ISDS case against South Korea under Korea-US FTA.
The Market Mogul | 23-oct-2017
Noting the ad hoc nature of investment arbitration under the ICSID, it is not surprising that two tribunals adopted different interpretations
NY Times | 18-oct-2017
This far-flung peninsula in the North Atlantic seems an unlikely place for an international trade dispute. But an American company’s scuttled plans to build a quarry here have turned these quiet fishing grounds into a case study.
Bloomberg | 16-oct-2017
US Nafta negotiators are proposing to essentially do away with the independent tribunals that oversee the trading and investment relationship.
Renewables Now | 16-oct-2017
US clean energy company Invenergy LLC has notified the Polish authorities it plans to turn to international arbitration over its wind investments in the country, if no settlement is reached within six months.

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