Latin America Herald Tribune | 15-Aug-2017
Crystallex — owed $1.4 billion for the expropriation of its Venezuela mining subsidiary — has moved U.S. Federal Court in Delaware to seize Petroleos de Venezuela Holding, the parent company of PDVSA’s American unit Citgo Holding.
Politico | 10-Aug-2017
More than 100 U.S. business groups and associations are pushing the Trump administration to not only preserve investor-state dispute settlement and related provisions in an updated NAFTA agreement but to also strengthen them to further protect intellectual property and interests.
DW | 14-Jul-2017
Bajo ese título publica REDES una nueva investigación que da cuenta de la fragilidad de los Estados frente a los mecanismos de solución de controversias, con impactos invisibilizados en las políticas públicas, los derechos y la soberanía para diseñar y ejecutar estrategias de desarrollo nacionales.
Info Justice | 14-Jul-2017
The cool reasoning of the Canadian Supreme Court does not acknowledge or reference “external” pressures or the Eli Lilly v. Canada ISDS case. However, courts do not decide cases in a vacuum. This case seems to have been decided in a pressure cooker.
Entorno Inteligente | 12-Jul-2017
Un tribunal de apelaciones de Estados Unidos rechazó hoy la intención de la petrolera ExxonMobil de forzar a Venezuela a honrar las disposiciones de un arbitraje internacional vinculado con la expropiación de activos de esa compañía.
Green America | 12-Jul-2017
100 small businesses: NAFTA currently privileges multinational corporations over U.S. small business unfairly under “Investor-State Dispute Settlement” preferential treatment.
The Progressive | 4-Jul-2017
Regardless of the short-term outcome, the movement for a progressive new NAFTA will hand progressives a dynamic issue—and a mobilized base—in the 2018 and 2020 elections. The current renegotiation could set the stage for future battles, perhaps for deeper change.
Financial Post | 30-Jun-2017
When it comes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada can safely claim the title of biggest loser in terms of lawsuits.
The Hindu | 29-Jun-2017
Talks deadlocked on investor dispute settlement.
Newburgh Gazette | 23-Jun-2017
Chevron is victorious after the Supreme Court declined to hear a case made against the company by a NY lawyer representing Ecuadorian villagers.

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