IISD | 26-Mar-2017
Renco alleged that Peru breached its TPA obligations to afford fair and equitable treatment and national treatment, as well as certain contractual obligations.
Lexology | 24-Jan-2017
In Renco v Peru, an UNCITRAL tribunal decided to depart from the presumption that the unsuccessful party bears the costs of the arbitration
Gestión | 30-Nov-2016
El CIADI emitió un laudo final a través del cual ordena que Grupo Renco y el Estado peruano paguen sus propios costos jurídicos ocasionados por el procedimiento arbitral en el caso Doe Run.
Stamford Advocate | 27-Oct-2016
"Our experience in Peru demonstrates how the TPP model prioritizes trade and investment above the protection of the environment, ecosystems, and life itself."
BuzzFeed | 1-Sep-2016
Financial companies have figured out how to turn a controversial global legal system to their own very profitable advantage.
ICSID | 15-Aug-2016
​A hearing on jurisdiction and the merits in the case will be transmitted live via internet feed from 7-14 September 2016.
Peru this Week | 25-Jul-2016
“We hope that after the decision, the State will concentrated its efforts to provide a sustainable solution to the environmental pollution in the city La Oroya.”
Reuters | 19-Jul-2016
A World Bank panel rejected a lawsuit filed against Peru by New York-based Renco Group Inc on technical grounds.
El Comercio | 18-Jul-2016
Controversia se relaciona a operaciones y medidas de remediación ambiental en el complejo metalúrgico, precisó el MEF.
Gestión | 3-Jun-2016
La demanda, el “último recurso luego que el Gobierno peruano se negara a negociar durante décadas”, se centra en los bonos agrarios impagos en poder de Gramercy Funds Management y miles de ciudadanos peruanos.

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