Business Times | 11-Oct-2018
Singapore and Indonesia signed an agreement to promote and protect investments, with the treaty promising Singapore companies operating in Indonesia protection and access to international arbitration in the event of investment disputes.
The Straits Times | 7-May-2018
PACC Offshore Services Holdings has filed a notice of arbitration against Mexico under the bilateral investment treaty between the United Mexican States and Singapore governments.
EJIL: Talk! | 7-Feb-2018
The European Commission reportedly proposed a model for the fast track ratification of trade deals that should be applied for the first time to the new trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand.
African Law Business | 6-Sep-2017
The Singapore High Court has set aside an investor-state arbitral award on the merits against the Kingdom of Lesotho. The case is an important one, as it concerns whether investors can use arbitration to resolve cases that were pending before the SADC Tribunal when it was dissolved by the SADC Summit in 2014.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 1-Jun-2017
One thing is clear: the European Commission did not obtain the full exclusive competence which it was hoping.
European Law Blog | 22-May-2017
The Court’s Opinion has consequences for future EU trade deals such as CETA and potentially a future UK-EU FTA.
Politico | 7-Feb-2017
Brussels has taken a decisive step toward establishing its contentious new investment court as a standard framework for appeals worldwide.
Lexology | 13-Jan-2017
The Singapore International Arbitration Centre launched its Investment Arbitration Rules 2017, potentially marking a new chapter in the institutional administration of investor-State arbitration proceedings.
Miroir Social | 12-Jan-2017
Si la Cour de justice de l’Union Européenne (UE) suit les conclusions de son avocate générale, les accords de libre-échange pourraient bien devoir être ratifiés par les Parlements de tous les États membres.
Economic Times | 11-Aug-2016
India has turned its attention to comprehensive economic partnership agreements with Singapore, Japan and South Korea after having fixed the loopholes in the much-abused investment treaties with Mauritius and Cyprus.

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