Partenariat transatlantique de commerce et d’investissement (accord de libre-échange entre l’Union européenne et les États-Unis), parfois appelé Traité de Libre Échange Transatlantique (TAFTA) ou Grand Marché Transatlantique (GMT)

Live Mint | 14-déc-2016
If we can manage our own economies well, new trade pacts will become largely redundant.
Alternet | 16-nov-2016
Our trade agreements—current and proposed—don’t send the right signals for the U.S. and other countries to meet their Paris commitments.
VOA | 20-oct-2016
Protests against the Rosia Montana mine project continued for more than 15 years and resulted in the largest demonstrations in Romania since the late 1980’s.
TNI | 17-oct-2016
Los sistemas de protección de las inversiones en el TTIP y el CETA plantean una grave e innecesaria amenaza a la democracia y el interés público.
Stop TTIP | 17-oct-2016
Over 100 law professors from across Europe have come together to send a clear message to EU decision makers demanding the investor protection mechanisms be excluded from TTIP and CETA.
EurActiv | 14-oct-2016
The European Commission faces an EU court battle to keep secret its lawyers’ analysis on whether the controversial investor-state-dispute (ISDS) clause in draft trade deals with the USA and Canada is illegal.
EurActiv | 14-oct-2016
La Commission européenne devra justifier devant la justice le secret entourant son analyse de la légalité du système de règlement des différends entre investisseurs et États du TTIP et du CETA.
CEO | 4-oct-2016
Business lobby groups are pushing hard for investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and similar trade deals.
Sierra Club | 3-oct-2016
Looming trade deals threaten efforts to keep fossil fuels in the ground
Deutsche Welle | 21-sep-2016
The EU-US free trade deal is controversial in Europe as it includes a mechanism that seeks to settle disputes between investors and states out of regular courts. DW examines the issue with law professor Gus Van Harten.

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