Inequality | 28-Oct-2016
In a tale of people power over corporate power, a tribunal has ruled against a global company in a case over mining rights. Now we need to block trade deals that allow these “investor-state” lawsuits.
Stamford Advocate | 27-Oct-2016
"Our experience in Peru demonstrates how the TPP model prioritizes trade and investment above the protection of the environment, ecosystems, and life itself."
The Guardian | 25-Oct-2016
Threat of action from multinationals one of the ‘enormous risks’ Australia faces if trade deal is ratified, GetUp says
Taylor & Francis | 17-Oct-2016
The TPP threatens to extend the most draconian feature of the contemporary free trade model: private corporation’s ability to sue sovereign nations.
The Guardian | 11-Oct-2016
Lawyer for Philip Morris’s bid to take Australia to court over cigarette laws says Australia has nothing to fear from trade deals that allow investor-state disputes
Sierra Club | 3-Oct-2016
Looming trade deals threaten efforts to keep fossil fuels in the ground
Politico | 22-Sep-2016
Critics of the TPP rage against the Investor State Dispute Settlement system. Here’s how to fix it.
La Diaria | 21-Sep-2016
Michelle Bachelet, mantiene el secretismo sobre el TPP, impulsado por Barack Obama, ya que ni los ciudadanos ni los parlamentarios chilenos saben la fecha exacta en que llegará al Congreso el tratado, ni qué urgencia tendrá su tramitación.
Counterpunch | 16-Sep-2016
There is a glaring disconnect in the world between economic growth, and trade and investment agreements.
Common Dreams | 12-Sep-2016
TPP would double number of corporations empowered to demand U.S. taxpayer compensation.

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