North America Free Trade Agreement

CIAR Global | 14-May-2020
La compañía canadiense Espiritu Santo Holding, LP ha presentado un arbitraje de inversiones contra México, relacionado con reclamaciones sobre sus inversiones en una concesión de movilidad del sector del taxi (taxímetros) y una aplicación móvil en Ciudad de México.
Lexology | 5-May-2020
In recent years, observers have questioned whether investor–state arbitration will or should be a feature of the next generation of free trade and bilateral investment treaties.
Dallas Business Journal | 13-Feb-2020
As a long-running dispute between Exxon Mobil Corp. and the government of Canada reached a multimillion-dollar settlement, lawyers for ExxonMobil announced.
The Globalist | 27-Jan-2020
The US government used to be the chief proponent of strong investor protection clauses in international trade deals. No longer. What happened? | 17-Jan-2020
NAFTA 2.0 cleared another hurdle as the U.S. Senate approved the trade deal with bipartisan support.
The American Prospect | 5-Apr-2019
USMCA bears many resemblances to NAFTA, which has been cited as a driver of low-wage corporate outsourcing.
El Sol de México | 29-Mar-2019
La SE tiene dos semanas para resolver el caso antes de llegar a la conciliación.
The Mazatlán Post | 28-Mar-2019
The US company notified its intention to claim compensation of 3,540 million dollars from the Mexican government.
Marianne | 27-Mar-2019
Les nouvelles formes d’accords commerciaux ont tendance à régir le fonctionnement interne des États politiques en leur imposant des règles claires et des contraintes en sacralisant le pouvoir des investisseurs.
CBC | 26-Feb-2019
Long-running case began after New Jersey company’s bid to open a quarry in Nova Scotia rejected in 2007

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