Energy & environment

Most investor-state disputes (ISDS) have concerned environmental matters. As of end of 2014, about 41% of all ICSID cases were energy and natural resources-related.

Most well-known cases include:

• Lone Pine Resources (US) vs. Canada: the investor challenged Quebec’s moratorium on the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, for natural gas. The provincial government declared the moratorium in 2011 so as to conduct an environmental impact assessment of the extraction method widely accused of leaching chemicals and gases into groundwater and the air. Case pending (NAFTA invoked).

• Bilcon (US) vs. Canada: the US industry challenged Canadian environmental requirements affecting their plans to open a basalt quarry and a marine terminal in Nova Scotia. Bilcon won – damages still pending (NAFTA invoked).

• Vattenfall (Sweden) vs. Germany: in 2007 the Swedish energy corporation was granted a provisional permit to build a coal-fired power plant near the city of Hamburg. In an effort to protect the Elbe river from the waste waters dumped from the plant, environmental restrictions were added before the final approval of its construction. The investor initiated a dispute, arguing it would make the project unviable. The case was ultimately settled in 2011, with the city of Hamburg agreeing to the lowering of environmental standards (ECT invoked).

(October 2015)

Latin America Herald Tribune | 8-Dec-2017
Rusoro Mining Ltd. has announced that it has obtained a judgment against the Republic of Venezuela in the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario, Canada, of over US$1.3 billion.
Romandie | 7-Dec-2017
L’Equateur va verser une indemnisation de 337 millions de dollars à la compagnie pétrolière américaine Burlington, filiale de ConocoPhillips, afin de régler un litige vieux de dix ans.
The Financial | 4-Dec-2017
Under the terms of the agreement, ConocoPhillips will recover a total of $337 million from Ecuador.
Mining Weekly | 4-Dec-2017
The arbitrators agreed with the company that Peru had breached its obligations to the company under the Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement when it expropriated the company’s Santa Ana silver project, in 2011.
Derains & Gharavi | 29-Nov-2017
An ICSID tribunal has ordered Kazakhstan to pay nearly US$25 million for the seizure of investments at the port of Aktau on the Caspian Sea.
Regards | 28-Nov-2017
Le CETA, comme tous les traités de libre-échange nouvelle génération, échappe au débat public et à tout processus démocratique. En jeu : la capacité à mener des politiques publiques soucieuses de protection sociale et environnementale.
BNN | 28-Nov-2017
Crystallex International Corp. and Venezuela agreed to settle a US$1.2 billion dispute over the 2011 nationalization of a gold deposit in the South American nation.
Stock Market Wire | 22-Nov-2017
The company is currently considering the Republic of Indonesia’s counter memorial on annulment, which was submitted on 20 Oct.
América | 21-Nov-2017
Las 750 empresas que conforman la Amexhi, el API, y la CAPP exigieron a sus respectivos gobiernos que, si no es posible modernizar el TLCAN, se mantenga con todos sus beneficios energéticos, a fin de concretar la autosuficiencia energética de América del Norte en el 2020.
Xinhua | 20-Nov-2017
Empresas de hidrocarburos de México, Estados Unidos y Canadá rechazaron la propuesta de cláusula de extinción en el Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN).

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