IISD | 13-Dec-2017
No ASEAN country grants general consent to investor–state arbitration in its investment law.
CNCD 11.11.11 | 17-Nov-2017
Au-delà du CETA, signé en octobre 2017 par l’Union européenne et le Canada et très médiatisé, l’Europe négocie une kyrielle de traités commerciaux à travers toute la planète.
APWLD | 14-Oct-2017
RCEP will give multinational corporations unprecedented rights
Asian Tribune | 24-Jul-2017
Officials from ASEAN member states and other countries meeting in India this week for negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) should take steps to ensure that the trade deal safeguards human rights, Southeast Asian lawmakers said today.
People Over Profit | 5-May-2017
The People Over Profit network together with local civil society organizations in the Philippines warn of intensifying corporate attacks on people’s rights and join calls for an independent, sovereign and peaceful Southeast Asian region.
European Commission | 2-May-2017
Negotiators discussed the EU’s reformed approach to investment protection and investment dispute resolution.
Focus | 3-Feb-2017
The recent investment arbitral decision against the Philippines in favor of the Belgian corporation should be a wake up call on the dangers posed by free trade and investment agreements.
Jakarta Post | 1-Dec-2016
Indonesia will seek a win-win outcome for the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with the European Union, having exchanged views on a number of crucial sticking points ahead of the next round of negotiations in January.
ASEAN Briefing | 1-Apr-2016
In contrast to ASEAN-based investors that are protected under AICA, the level of protection for foreign investors largely depends on bilateral investment treaties.
| 20-Apr-2012
The country should carefully study investment provisions before entering into foreign trade agreements (FTAs) as these may infringe on government’s regulatory power on foreign firms, an advocacy group on Friday said.

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