Investig’action | 7-Nov-2016
Reconnue coupable d’avoir provoqué des dommages environnementaux et humanitaires pendant des décennies, Chevron s’est vu verser 112 millions de dollars d’indemnisation par l’État équatorien avec l’aide d’un tribunal arbitral.
Telesur | 19-Oct-2016
“We don’t want what happened to us to happen to the people in Dakota,” Piaguaje told teleSUR.
Friends of the Earth Canada | 30-Sep-2016
Some of Canada’s largest environmental, labor and civil society organizations have now joined the growing international community demanding that Chevron clean up its toxic waste in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
The Globe and Mail | 29-Sep-2016
The latest salvo in a marathon multibillion-dollar legal battle between global energy giant Chevron Corp. and a group of Ecuadorean residents over environmental damage has begun in a Toronto court.
Oneworld | 27-Sep-2016
The so-called “ISDS” has been existing for years already. A revealing look in the hidden world of investor-state dispute settlement.
CADTM | 14-Sep-2016
Ecuador in the early 90’s, during the great neoliberal onslaught, had modified and established laws to ensure attractive profits to foreign companies. Additionally, Ecuador subscribed 21 BITs out of a total of 30 signed treaties between 1985 and 2003.
El Ciudadano | 30-Aug-2016
Los gobiernos del mundo deberán comprender las enormes desventajas de soberanía económica y política que le conllevará suscribir el llamado Tratado Transpacífico de Asociación Económica Estratégica (TPP)
LA Times | 10-Aug-2016
Ecuadorean plaintiffs cannot collect a $9-billion judgment in the US against Chevron Corp. for rainforest damage, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.
Prensa Latina | 10-Aug-2016
Ecuador mantendrá acciones legales contra la petrolera Chevron en otros países, pese al fallo de un Tribunal Federal de Apelaciones de Estados Unidos a favor de la transnacional, aseguró Pablo Fajardo, abogado que representa a los afectados ecuatorianos.
Tele Sur | 24-Jul-2016
For the first time ever, progress is being made at the United Nations for a binging legal instrument that would hold corporations accountable for human rights violations.

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