La Vanguardia | 21-sep-2017
El CETA ya se aplica este jueves de forma provisional, a la espera de que todos los países del bloque ratifiquen las disposiciones que afectan a las competencias nacionales, como la más polémica, que prevé la creación de un tribunal de inversiones.
Bastamag | 31-aoû-2017
Plus de 83 millions de dollars. C’est le montant réclamé par la compagnie pétrolière Hupecol Operating Co, basée au Texas, à l’État colombien sous l’accord de libre-échange US-Colombie.
SSRN | 4-aoû-2017
The Bilcon tribunal ruling raises a number of concerns about the ability of investor protection tribunals to properly assess whether a foreign investor has been treated fairly under a domestic environmental assessment process.
Financial Post | 30-jui-2017
When it comes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada can safely claim the title of biggest loser in terms of lawsuits.
Greenpeace | 26-jui-2017
A leak of documents related to a looming trade deal with Japan (known as JEFTA) has revealed the EU’s failure to live up to improve transparency and uphold environmental standards in trade policy promises.
IIED | 16-jui-2017
This report examines whether and how investor-state arbitral tribunals consider community perspectives, interests and rights in their settlement of investment disputes.
La República | 13-jui-2017
A pesar de que en julio del 2016 se desestimó una demanda de 800 millones de dólares, The Renco Group volvió a demandar al Perú. Ministerio de Economía aprobó contratación de abogados.
Tech Dirt | 21-avr-2017
ISDS is an attempt to remove the risk of investment from companies, and place it squarely on the public’s shoulders, without any quid pro quo.
Courrier Mail | 3-avr-2017
Australian goldminer Kingsgate Consolidated is banking on free trade agreement provisions to press the Thai government to open talks over its 2016 decision to shut all gold mines.
IISD | 22-mar-2017
A tribunal under the auspices of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) dismissed all claims by Canadian businessman Peter A. Allard against Barbados.

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