Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 3-Apr-2018
The Swiss Federal Supreme Court confirmed its statutory restraint in reviewing arbitral awards and rejected the host state’s request to set aside the award for violating substantive public policy.
CIAR Global | 30-Jun-2017
El despacho B. Cremades y Asociados estaría estudiando la posibilidad de presentar arbitrajes de inversiones para proteger a los inversores extranjeros afectados por la compra del Banco Popular por el Santander por un euro, según han informado diferentes medios.
Global Research | 7-Oct-2014
The real threats to ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’, ‘decency’ and ‘fairness’ do not lie in Syria or Iraq. The destruction of national sovereignty, democracy, freedom, decency, quality of life and livelihoods is being carried out by corporate vultures under the guise of the secular theology of neoliberalism, not least in practice via free trade and investor rights agreements.