SAT PR | 10-Mar-2017
The Kyrgyz Republic has notified Stans that it filed a claim with the High Court of Justice to set aside the jurisdictional award rendered by the UNCITRAL Tribunal in favor of Stans.
Akipress | 22-Feb-2017
The Paris Appeals Court annuled $16.5 million award for Latvian businessman Valeri Belokon and reinstated the evidence that Manas Bank employees were engaged in money laundering.
Yahoo | 26-Jan-2017
The Tribunal has unanimously rejected the Respondent’s preliminary jurisdictional objections and opened the way for adjudication of the merits.
Equities | 15-Jul-2016
The Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled that Centerra Gold shares are the property of Kyrgyzaltyn JSC not the Kyrgyz Republic.
Benziga | 31-May-2016
Centerra Gold Inc.reports that it has delivered a notice of arbitration to the Kyrgyz Republic Government in connection with certain ongoing disputes relating to the Kumtor mining project.
| 15-Sep-2006
Mining company Oxus Gold PLC said it is seeking an arbitration order to protect its investments in Kyrgyzstan, following the government-sponsored seizure of premises owned by Talas Gold Mining Co, Oxus’ joint venture company at Jerooy. Oxus said that representatives of Jerooyaltyn, a recently created joint venture between Kyrgyzaltyn and Global G.o.l.d, and local police forcibly took possession of the building on Thursday in direct contravention of the UK-Kyrgyz Bilateral Investment Treaty and Kyrgyz law.