IISD | 21-Aug-2018
Lamentablemente, el tan esperado nuevo modelo de TBI aún no alcanza a satisfacer la promesa de lograr un “reseteo de políticas” que colocaría al desarrollo sostenible en primer lugar.
IISD | 17-Aug-2018
Le modèle de TBI néerlandais révisé apparait comme une occasion manquée d’atteindre un meilleur équilibre entre les droits et les obligations des investisseurs étrangers.
IISD | 17-Aug-2018
The revised Dutch model BIT seems a missed opportunity to achieve a better balance between the rights and obligations of foreign investors.
East African | 30-Jul-2018
Civil society organisations are pushing for a review of the BIT between Tanzania and The Netherlands which they say does not serve the best interests of Tanzania.
The East African | 24-Jul-2018
Tanzania risks a legal suit at international tribunals over its recent investment and tax policies, which parties to Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) deem to be anti-business.
Both Ends | 20-Jun-2018
Both ENDS a envoyé une lettre, signée par différentes organisations de la société civile, à la Ministre néerlandaise du commerce et du développement, l’incitant à terminer le traité bilatéral d’investissement entre les Pays Bas et Burkina Faso.
Both Ends | 20-Jun-2018
Both ENDS sent a letter, signed by various civil society organisations, to the Dutch Minister of Aid & Trade to urge her to terminate the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) that exists between the Netherlands and Burkina Faso.
Lexology | 31-May-2018
The Netherlands has released a new draft investment treaty for public comment.
Business Standard | 23-May-2018
India may not accept international arbitration orders annulling tax demands on British firms Vodafone Plc and Cairn Energy.
Indian Express | 21-May-2018
The tribunal, headed by Sir Franklin Berman, will hear the government’s objection to tax matters being covered under the Netherlands-India Bilateral Investment Treaty.

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