Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (EU-US FTA), sometimes also called Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)

Greece Today | 17-Jun-2015
According to SYRIZA, ISDS undermined economic democracy by treating the rights of peoples and their elected representatives as equal to the rights of an economic oligarchy, essentially amounting to an exemption for large multinationals from democratic controls and continuing a conversion of western democracies to states where elections cannot bring about changes to economic policy.
AFP | 10-Jun-2015
Le Parlement européen a fini par reporter mercredi son vote sur l’accord de libre-échange en tractation avec les États-Unis, après s’être divisé sur la feuille de route à adresser aux négociateurs concernant les très controversés tribunaux d’arbitrage.
EurActiv | 9-Jun-2015
BusinessEurope, and especially its Director General, should be factual and truthful when lobbying the European Parliament on ISDS and TTIP, argue Bart Staes and Molly Scott Cato.
Ecologistas en Acción | 8-Jun-2015
El 10 de junio el Parlamento Europeo votará una resolución sobre las negociaciones del TTIP. Miembros de la Campaña #NOalTTIP se reúnen hoy con eurodiputados socialistas para pedirles que no desprotejan a la ciudadanía europea.
EurActiv | 5-Jun-2015
Union leaders on both sides of the Atlantic have called for TTIP negotiators to drop extra-legal arbitration systems from any future trade deal. They believe existing judicial systems offer adequate protection to investors. EurActiv France reports.
EurActiv | 5-Jun-2015
Les leaders des organisations syndicales allemandes et américaines appellent à refuser tout système d’arbitrage au sein du futur traité transatlantique. Ils estiment que la justice offre une protection suffisante aux investisseurs.
No al TTIP | 4-Jun-2015
Por qué las presuntas ‘reformas’ de la Comisión Europea al sistema de privilegios para el inversor y de tribunales de arbitraje privados -ISDS- no abordan los problemas fundamentales.
EurActiv | 3-Jun-2015
France’s Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Matthias Fekl, delivered a proposal for TTIP arbitration reform in Brussels yesterday, in which he recommended the creation of a European court to settle trade disputes.
Ars Technica UK | 3-Jun-2015
The German federal government has admitted that an EU country’s arts policies could lead to it being sued by foreign corporations before investor tribunals under trade agreements being negotiated with Canada and the US.
OHCHR | 3-Jun-2015
A group of UN experts have issued the following statement to express concern about the secret nature of drawing up and negotiating many of these free trade and investment agreements, such as TPP and TTIP, and the potential adverse impact of these agreements on human rights.

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