América del Norte

Canadá y Estados Unidos han firmado más de 170 acuerdos internacionales de inversión. Los más grandes de ellos incluyen al Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN), con México, y la Asociación Trans-Pacífica con otros diez países de la orilla de Pacífico, que ahora está en proceso de ratificación.
Estados Unidos ha sido parte del Tratado de Libre Comercio de Centro América y Republica Dominicana (TLCCA-DR o CAFTA) y negocia actualmente el llamado TTIP o ATCI, con la Unión Europea.

Canadá ha firmado un Acuerdo de Promoción y Protección de la Inversión Extranjera (FIPA por sus siglas en inglés) con China y el Acuerdo Económico y Comercial Global (CETA por sus siglas en inglés). Éste último no se ha ratificado.

Los inversionistas estadounidenses han usado extensamente el mecanismo de arbitraje de disputas entre inversionistas y Estados ISDS de todos estos tratados. Ha iniciado cerca de 130 disputas, más de 20% de todos los casos conocidos, haciendo que sea el Estado sede de inversionistas demandantes más frecuente. EUA no ha perdido nunca un litigio ISDS.

Por otra parte los inversionistas canadienses han iniciado unas 35 disputas y Canadá es el segundo blanco más frecuente entre los Estados desarrollados (y el quinto a nivel global).

(octubre de 2015)

BN Americas | 24-may-2018
Exmingua is planning to launch arbitration proceedings against Guatemala following the suspension of its Tambor gold project.
Common Sense Canadian | 17-may-2018
Canada’s controversial mining sector may be the driving force behind the country’s insistence on protecting foreign investors’ rights over laws that guard its own citizens and environmental values.
Reuters | 16-may-2018
US oil company ConocoPhillips has brought new court actions to seize two cargoes of crude and fuel near a terminal operated by PDVSA subsidiary Citgo Petroleum in Aruba.
Romania Insider | 15-may-2018
Rosia Montana Gold Corporation entered a dispute with the Romanian state at the ICSID after the mining project was blocked as the site was declared a historic monument.
Reuters | 14-may-2018
The legal action was the latest in the Caribbean to enforce a $2 billion arbitration award by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) over the nationalization.
The Lawyer’s Daily | 11-may-2018
A Federal Court ruling in favour of an American company that is seeking millions in damages from Canada has prompted environmental groups to renew their calls for Ottawa to push to scrap the NAFTA Chapter 11 investor-state dispute resolution system during the ongoing free trade renegotiations with the United States and Mexico.
IATP | 11-may-2018
The Maine Citizen Trade Policy Commission, a legislator-run, bipartisan governmental body, recently sent a letter to U.S. Trade Representative calling for ISDS to be removed in its entirety from NAFTA.
Korea Times | 11-may-2018
Elliott Associates is demanding more than $670 million in compensation from the government for losses and damages it claims to have suffered regarding the merger of Samsung C&T and Cheil Industries in 2015.
Mining Technology | 11-may-2018
Rusoro Mining has filed lawsuits in the US and Canada to seek compensation via the monetisation of Venezuela’s assets amounting to approximately $1.34bn in connection with the nationalisation of its gold mining assets in Venezuela.
IISD | 9-may-2018
A decision by the Federal Court of Canada should spell the end of the NAFTA renegotiation on the investment Chapter of NAFTA, and ignite a renegotiation of the investment chapters of the Canada-EU trade agreement and the CPATPP.

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