The Gleaner | 22-déc-2017
Businessman Michael Lee-Chin has served notice that he intends to submit to arbitration a claim against the government of the Dominican Republic seeking to recover more than US$300 million in damages for expropriating his investment in that country.
Lexology | 21-déc-2017
In 2017, Peru has faced a number of new investment treaty claims, with several arising in the transportation sector.
All Africa | 21-déc-2017
Sonangol E.P and Cobalt International Energy, Inc announced the signing of an agreement to resolve all disputes between the two companies.
Nasdaq | 21-déc-2017
The legal row between Stati, his son Gabriel, two family-controlled companies and the Republic of Kazakhstan has dragged on for years in various courts.
Steel Guru | 21-déc-2017
A British investment group has demanded USD 500 million from Russia and accused the country of state-sponsored corporate theft in a battle for control of a Siberian coal mine.
CIEL | 18-déc-2017
More than 40 governments met as part of a working group of the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) to discuss reforms to the investor-state dispute settlement system.
SSRN | 15-déc-2017
Secrecy in the outcomes of investment arbitration remains high in part because parties have found ways to use settlements to hide relevant information.
Express Tribune | 15-déc-2017
Last year, Pakistan won a case against the UK-based shareholder of Progas Pakistan in the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.
Crime Moldova | 15-déc-2017
The Republic of Moldova has won the case in the international process initiated by the Russian companies Evrobalt and Kompozit in May and June of 2016, after the NBM suspended their rights and forced them to sell their shares at Moldova Agroindbank.
TNI | 14-déc-2017
Impacts of investment arbitration against Latin America and the Carribbean.

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