HispanTV | 19-Feb-2018
La maquinaria neocolonial y neoliberal avanza en Ecuador bajo el discurso de la apertura comercial y la reactivación económica.
Lexology | 30-Jan-2018
Recent declarations made by members of the newly elected government of Ecuador reveal a reversal of its predecessor’s decision to denounce and withdrawal from the ICSID Convention, as well as all of Ecuador’s bilateral investment treaties
Romandie | 7-Dec-2017
L’Equateur va verser une indemnisation de 337 millions de dollars à la compagnie pétrolière américaine Burlington, filiale de ConocoPhillips, afin de régler un litige vieux de dix ans.
Swiss Info | 5-Dec-2017
Ecuador pagará una indeminzación de USD 337 millones a la petrolera estadounidense Burlington, cuyo contrato fue dado por terminado en 2010, para zanjar un litigio de casi una década, informó este lunes la Procuraduría General ecuatoriana.
The Financial | 4-Dec-2017
Under the terms of the agreement, ConocoPhillips will recover a total of $337 million from Ecuador.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 13-Oct-2017
This first part begins with a review of the law governing entering and denouncing the ICSID Convention, as well as of an important debate on the effects of withdrawing from it.
IISD | 4-Oct-2017
The tribunal ordered Burlington to pay USD41 million in compensation to Ecuador for environmental and infrastructure damage.
Newburgh Gazette | 23-Jun-2017
Chevron is victorious after the Supreme Court declined to hear a case made against the company by a NY lawyer representing Ecuadorian villagers.
South Centre | 24-May-2017
The withdrawal of Ecuador from these BITs responds to the final stage of a review process that started in 2008, and which had led to the establishment of a joint government-civil society audit commission.
Tele Sur | 11-May-2017
Just days before his term ends, Rafael Correa said he will take a stand against agreements signed before the country’s Citizens Revolution.

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