Renewables Now | 7-aoû-2019
Spain will have to pay EUR 41 million to German solar investor SolEs Badajoz GmbH for retroactively cutting long-term premiums for renewable energy projects.
Panam Post | 1er-aoû-2019
Canadian mining company Crystallex recently won a $1.4 billion judgment against the Venezuelan government, which nationalized its assets.
Thomson Reuters Fondation | 31-jui-2019
Ukraine’s state energy group Naftogaz has asked the Hague Permanent Court of Arbitration to force the Russian Federation to pay the Ukrainian company $5.2 billion compensation for assets lost in annexed Crimea.
Euractiv | 29-jui-2019
The Nord Stream 2 pipeline company has asked the Court of Justice of the EU to annul the amendments to the Gas Directive but Nord Stream 2 reserves itself this option of resorting to legal arbitration as well.
Cinco Días | 25-jui-2019
Se trata de dos demandas por plantas fotovoltaicas y activos hidroelétricos.
Euractiv | 19-jui-2019
The European Commission and the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline company are heading toward legal arbitration in their dispute, with a risk of huge fines for EU taxpayers.
Express Tribune | 17-jui-2019
The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) has declared that the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s judgment in the rental power projects case is ‘arbitrary’.
IISD | 28-jui-2019
Le 30 novembre 2018, un tribunal du CIRDI déterminait que l’Espagne avait violé le Traité sur la charte de l’énergie en appliquant un nouveau régime fiscal à titre rétroactif.
No al TTIP | 10-jui-2019
El 31 de mayo el Estado español fue condenado a pagar 41,8 millones de euros a la sociedad radicada en Luxemburgo 9REN Holding tras perder el arbitraje de inversiones interpuesto ante el CIADI.
Euractiv | 7-jui-2019
A confidential internal report, obtained by EURACTIV, lists the multiple failings of the Energy Charter secretariat, at a time when the treaty is undergoing a major revision process and is being used by Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline in a first-time legal proceeding against the EU.

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