EJIL: Talk! | 18-Mar-2020
While policies aiming to phase out coal are necessary to tackle climate change, they may give rise to legal claims from companies whose investments are adversely affected by the low-carbon energy transition.
Glasgow Guardian | 16-Mar-2020
Civil society activists and scientific experts denounce the unsustainable practice of investment disputes under the Energy Charter Treaty.
El Confidencial | 11-Mar-2020
El Ciadi desestima las reclamaciones de dos fondos suecos que habían invertido en hidráulica. El laudo, por unanimidad, se suma a los tres anteriores recibidos desde diciembre
Murcia Economía | 3-Mar-2020
La cifra es muy inferior a los 520 millones que pedían, según el Tribunal de la Comisión de las Naciones Unidas para el Derecho Mercantil Internacional (Uncitral).
The Corner | 2-Mar-2020
Naturgy has agreed with Eni and Egypt to end their dispute over Unión Fenosa (UFG), in which the Spanish and Italian firms own 50% each.
EN24 | 26-Feb-2020
For the Kingdom, Carlyle did not justify the existence of investments in Morocco. The American group invokes the Morocco-United States free trade agreement while the contracts with Samir concern entities based in the Cayman Islands.
Medias24 | 25-Feb-2020
Pour le Royaume, Carlyle n’a pas justifié l’existence d’investissements au Maroc. Le groupe américain invoque l’accord de libre-échange Maroc-Etats-Unis alors que les contrats avec la Samir concernent des entités basées aux îles Caïmans.
New Europe | 24-Feb-2020
Ukraine’s joint stock oil and gas company Naftogaz said the group seeks nearly $8 billion of compensation for its assets expropriated by Russia in Crimea.
Medias24 | 24-Feb-2020
Le Maroc obtient la suspension de la procédure au fond dans son litige face à Carlyle. La bataille juridique risque de s’allonger. Carlyle sur plusieurs fronts pour récupérer 400 millions de dollars.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 20-Feb-2020
When it issued three interim awards for Yukos, the arbitral tribunal noted that the principle of provisional application of treaties was recognized under Russian law.

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