American Prospect | 22-Sep-2016
The new president needs a fresh approach to trade.
Mongabay | 13-Sep-2016
International trade agreement provisions once meant to protect investors today can challenge a nation’s sovereignty and invalidate environmental laws.
El Ciudadano | 30-Aug-2016
Los gobiernos del mundo deberán comprender las enormes desventajas de soberanía económica y política que le conllevará suscribir el llamado Tratado Transpacífico de Asociación Económica Estratégica (TPP)
Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (ISDS Blog) | 4-Aug-2016
Peter Allard, a Canadian investor who owns a nature sanctuary in Barbados, has brought an ISDS claim against Barbados. He grounds his claim on the failure of the government to enforce its own environmental law.
Peru this Week | 25-Jul-2016
“We hope that after the decision, the State will concentrated its efforts to provide a sustainable solution to the environmental pollution in the city La Oroya.”
Reuters | 23-Jul-2016
Ecuador has paid $112 million to energy company Chevron Corp over a four-decade-old contract dispute, even though it remains in disagreement, the head of the central bank has said.
Reuters | 19-Jul-2016
A World Bank panel rejected a lawsuit filed against Peru by New York-based Renco Group Inc on technical grounds.
El Comercio | 18-Jul-2016
Controversia se relaciona a operaciones y medidas de remediación ambiental en el complejo metalúrgico, precisó el MEF.
CSR Strategy Group | 8-Jul-2016
Chevron shareholders remain wary of the risks from an $11 billion judgment against the company in Ecuador. They also continue to be critical of Chevron management’s mishandling of the case.
AFL-CIO | 29-Jun-2016
Brooke Guven (Colombia Center on Sustainable Investment) talks about investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) at AFL-CIO conference on trade.

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