natural resources
SSRN | 24-Jan-2019
International investment law overlooks the interests of local communities. This is especially troublesome in foreign investment in natural resources and infrastructure, where the local communities are the most affected and whose harm often leads to disputes.
No al TTIP | 26-Feb-2018
La nueva oleada de tratados y acuerdos de comercio e inversión es uno de los principales hitos de la agenda de reconfiguración del capitalismo en el siglo XXI.
IISD | 22-Dec-2017
Tanzania passed three new laws that significantly change the regulatory landscape governing natural resources and the mining sector in particular.
Lexology | 13-Jul-2017
A number of the provisions of the new legislation are inconsistent with the protections afforded to qualifying investors under agreements such as bilateral investment treaties.
Financial Post | 30-Jun-2017
When it comes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada can safely claim the title of biggest loser in terms of lawsuits.
IIED | 16-Jun-2017
This report examines whether and how investor-state arbitral tribunals consider community perspectives, interests and rights in their settlement of investment disputes.
Baltic Course | 8-Feb-2017
Yevgeny Kazmin, a co-owner of Ukraine’s KVV Group, has filed a lawsuit against Latvia with the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.
Mining Weekly | 16-Jan-2017
The Indian government has been served with a notice for international arbitration by the United Arab Emirates’ Ras Al-Khaimah Investment Authority
El Universal | 2-Jan-2017
The Venezuelan Solicitor General’s Office (PGR) said that a request has been analyzed to overturn the arbitrary award issued by the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (Icsid)
Aporrea | 2-Jan-2017
La República Bolivariana de Venezuela evalúa todas las vías jurídicas disponibles con respecto al laudo dictaminado el pasado lunes por el tribunal del Ciadi sobre el caso de la siderúrgica Tenaris y Talta.

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