S2B | 16-feb-2018
The undersigned organisations take the position that it is advisable to break away from the fundamentally flawed and increasingly controversial ISDS system.
TNI | 16-feb-2018
We call on the EU and Indonesia to use the CEPA negotiations to design an investment chapter that prioritises equitable and sustainable development.
EJIL: Talk! | 7-feb-2018
The European Commission reportedly proposed a model for the fast track ratification of trade deals that should be applied for the first time to the new trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand.
Asia Times | 6-feb-2018
A new battle is taking shape on the world scene. It sees China and the West compete in affirming their respective investment standards around the globe.
Arbitration Blog | 26-ene-2018
The EC claimed intra-EU investment treaty arbitration is in breach of EU law. If the CJEU were to confirm the decision of the EC, the application of the ICSID Convention within the EU would be seriously endangered.
No al TTIP | 24-ene-2018
La Comisión Europea empieza el nuevo año político con algunas novedades, pero con la intención de mantener los mecanismos que blindan a las multinacionales en el marco de los acuerdos comerciales.
Gus Van Harten (blog) | 11-ene-2018
Observers of the ISDS debate in Europe should be concerned when the official position of an Advocate General before the European Court of Justice can be tied to the ISDS industry.
European Law Blog | 8-ene-2018
The Opinion misses the much needed opportunity for a thorough and balanced reflection on the many challenges that ISDS, and investment disputes in general, pose to the EU legal and judicial system.
CIAR Global | 4-ene-2018
La mayoría de los arbitrajes contra España han sido iniciados por inversores de otros Estados de la UE, por lo que esta situación es contraria al Derecho de la Unión.
L’Express | 8-dic-2017
L’Union européenne et le Japon ont annoncé, dans un communiqué commun, avoir "finalisé" l’accord de libre-échange qu’ils négociaient depuis 2013.

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