IISD | 9-abr-2021
Para muchas personas afectadas por la extracción de recursos, los tratados de inversión pueden proteger emprendimientos que pueden cambiar drásticamente sus vidas con poco margen para expresar sus opiniones u obtener reparación.
IISD | 9-abr-2021
For many people affected by resource extraction, it is the prevailing legal regime that dis-embeds and disintegrates, because investment treaties can protect ventures that upend their lives with little scope for voice or redress.
IPS | 8-abr-2021
Private insurance corporations are suing Argentina and Bolivia for loss of potential profits as a result of the reversal of privatization of pension programs.
IISD | 8-abr-2021
Pour de nombreuses personnes affectées par l’extraction des ressources, le régime juridique désintègre, car les traités d’investissement peuvent protéger des projets qui bouleversent leur vies, leur laissant peu de chance de se faire entendre.
Mining Watch | 7-abr-2021
Referring repeatedly to legal threats by Barrick Gold Corp., Prime Minister Papua New Guinea released a statement announcing that his government will be making a deal with the company in regard to the Porgera Joint Venture gold mine.
Página 12 | 4-abr-2021
El premio Nobel de Economía Joseph Stiglitz junto a otros 100 expertos internacionales criticaron las demandas de bancos e inversores privados contra la estatización de los sistemas previsionales en Argentina y Bolivia.
Global Justice Now | 1ro-abr-2021
Corporate courts are an unjust mechanism that can block climate action. The UK should reject them.
TNI | 23-mar-2021
¿Cómo el sistema de protección de inversiones pone en riesgo la independencia del Poder Judicial en América Latina?
SOMO | 17-mar-2021
How investment treaties and investor-to-state dispute settlement grant foreign investors greater rights than Dutch and EU law.
Future Beyond Shell | 11-mar-2021
To realise a future beyond fossil fuels, it is imperative to look at how to disentangle the legal shackles that enable companies to frustrate climate policy and shift the burden of their stranded assets onto the shoulders of taxpayers through arbitration claims.

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