Moyen Orient

Les pays du Moyen Orient ont conclu plus de 600 traités commerciaux. Fin 2015, 32 arbitrages ISDS concernant des pays de cette région avaient été déclarés.

La Turquie a été le pays le plus actif, ayant été ciblée onze fois et dont les investisseurs ont initié 19 litiges.

(janvier 2016)

International Economic Law and Policy Blog | 8-mar-2017
The consequence of this decision is that investors would likely be put above all other victims of terrorism and related political violence in conflict areas. That is shocking from the perspective of international justice.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 7-mar-2017
After 15 years of absence in this type of negotiations and several claims the country faced since the economic and financial crisis of 2001, Argentina sat again in the BIT negotiation table.
Globes | 4-mar-2017
The international arbitration panel ruled that Egypt failed to protect the Sinai pipeline from terrorists.
Reuters | 10-fév-2017
Kuwaiti logistics conglomerate Agility to settle by arbitration a $380 million dispute with Iraq’s government .
LesEco | 24-jan-2017
« Amer Group », qui devait aménager la Cité de loisirs de Tamaouanza, compte saisir le Centre international de règlement des différends sur l’investissement (CIRDI) au cas où le Maroc ne parviendrait pas à trouver une solution à l’amiable.
EFILA | 24-jan-2017
Joining the ICSID will enhance international perceptions of Iran as a welcoming country to invest.
Mining Weekly | 16-jan-2017
The Indian government has been served with a notice for international arbitration by the United Arab Emirates’ Ras Al-Khaimah Investment Authority
Investment Claims | 21-déc-2016
The recent signature of the Argentina-Qatar Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) and the imminent signature of an Argentina-Japan BIT represent a shift in Argentina’s BIT policy.
Daily News Egypt | 16-nov-2016
The settlement stipulates that the arbitration lawsuit has been annulled. ArcelorMittal filed this lawsuit against the Egyptian government 18 months ago before the ICSID.
The Jordan Times | 4-nov-2016
The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) signed a settlement agreement with Orange Jordan, ending a dispute related to the renewal of the company’s second-generation (2G) network.

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