IISD | 6-Jul-2022
A tribunal awarded a sum of EUR 243 million plus interest to Bank Melli Iran and Bank Saderat Iran in their investor–state dispute against the Kingdom of Bahrain.
IISD | 6-Jul-2022
The dispute pertained to an investment made by Westmoreland Coal Company, a US‑incorporated company, in two Canadian enterprises in April 2014.
IISD | 6-Jul-2022
Experts took particular concern with the fact that most investment treaties do not oblige arbitrators to take into account international agreements on climate change when adjudicating cases.
Business Wire | 5-Jul-2022
Tan Tao Investment & Industry Corporation launched a billion-dollar arbitration proceeding against Vietnam under the agreement between the United States and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
SeeNews | 5-Jul-2022
UK-listed Ascent Resources and its Slovenian joint venture partner Geoenergo have initiated the mediation process under a dispute resolution mechanism.
bilaterals.org | 5-Jul-2022
Statement of the Mexican, European and international civil society, 4 July 2022
Lexology | 4-Jul-2022
Spain’s recognition of the autonomy plan for Western Sahara proposed by Morocco has escalated diplomatic tensions between Spain and Algeria.
Cambridge University Press | 30-Jun-2022
There is a great threat posed by the potential use of ISDS by the fossil fuel industry to stall action on climate change.
LSE | 30-Jun-2022
Climate-related ISDS indicate a real risk that significant resources and energy may be diverted away from climate action, impacting the popularity of pro-climate policymaking among both policymakers and the public.
Yonhap | 29-Jun-2022
An international tribunal declared an end to all proceedings in a multi-billion dollar suit the US private equity firm Lone Star filed against South Korea’s government 10 years ago.

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