Global Justice Now | 15-Feb-2019
A Q&A to deal with tricky questions about corporate courts and our campaign against them.
Client Earth | 15-Feb-2019
This critical analysis of the AG’s Opinion will quickly recall the background and implications of the case before commenting on the most controversial points of the AG’s reasoning.
Basta | 15-Feb-2019
D’un côté, la justice européenne estime que les tribunaux privés d’arbitrage sont illégaux au sein de l’espace européen. De l’autre, le Parlement européen vient d’adouber l’accord de libre-échange avec Singapour, champion en matière d’opacité financière.
The Citizen | 12-Feb-2019
Tanzania has embarked on process of regulation of its foreign investment regime by enacting legislation, which exclude international arbitration.
JDSupra | 12-Feb-2019
New claims against Latin American countries. Ecuador, Argentina and Uruguay pass new investment and arbitration laws.
Reuters | 12-Feb-2019
US glass container maker Owens-Illinois Inc has sued Venezuela and state-owned companies as it seeks to collect a $500 million arbitration award over the 2010 nationalization of two plants.
SOMO | 11-Feb-2019
An analysis of its impact on managing government bonds and capital flows.
Stop ISDS | 11-Feb-2019
The most worrying thing about the EU-Singapore deal is not the risk that Singapore firms themselves pose, but the fact that the agreement looks set to be used as a model for reinvigorating ISDS.
The East African | 11-Feb-2019
A group of US investors have taken Rwanda to an international court, seeking compensation of $95 million after the government seized their mining concessions, effectively denying them operating licences.
Express Tribune | 8-Feb-2019
Pakistan said to have gathered fresh ‘evidence of corruption’ in the procurement of a rental power project (RPP) contract by the Turkish company.

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