S2B | 16-fév-2018
The undersigned organisations take the position that it is advisable to break away from the fundamentally flawed and increasingly controversial ISDS system.
TNI | 16-fév-2018
We call on the EU and Indonesia to use the CEPA negotiations to design an investment chapter that prioritises equitable and sustainable development.
Politheor | 15-fév-2018
Why are countries so gripped in their quest for economic growth that they are empowering multinational corporations at the expense of their citizens ?
African Law Business | 14-fév-2018
South Africa’s new arbitration law came into force at the end of 2017. Now lawyers and clients alike will have to see if it lives up to its promises.
Friends of the Earth Europe | 13-fév-2018
In September 2017, the investor filed a €500 million ISDS claim against the Republic of Croatia at an arbitration tribunal because the "state [had taken] away their development licences"
CCSI | 12-fév-2018
Evidence suggests that the inclusion of ISDS in investment treaties may not actually be effective, or optimally effective, while at the same time, ISDS imposes significant costs on the sustainable development objectives of states.
Cision | 12-fév-2018
Frozen assets secure a US$520 million award against Republic of Kazakhstan.
Yonhap News Agency | 12-fév-2018
South Korea’s trade ministry said Monday it will seek ways to better protect investor rights from arbitrary regulations when holding talks with China to expand the scope of the two countries’ free trade agreement (FTA) to the service and investment sector.
SSRN | 8-fév-2018
Relying on property and contract law theory, this article shows that the arbitral interpretation of foreign investor rights privileges wealth maximization over propriety.
SSRN | 8-fév-2018
These reports describe foreign investor rights following a narrative of wealth maximisation by transnational corporations (TNCs), and focus on a TNC-assisted restructuring of host states and local communities.

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