Latin America Herald Tribune | 8-déc-2017
Rusoro Mining Ltd. has announced that it has obtained a judgment against the Republic of Venezuela in the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario, Canada, of over US$1.3 billion.
Nikkei | 8-déc-2017
Japan and the European Union finalized negotiations on a free trade deal, with the two sides aiming to implement it in early 2019.
Romandie | 7-déc-2017
L’Equateur va verser une indemnisation de 337 millions de dollars à la compagnie pétrolière américaine Burlington, filiale de ConocoPhillips, afin de régler un litige vieux de dix ans.
Permanent Court of Arbitration | 7-déc-2017
Hearing on the merits and remaining issues of jurisdiction and admissibility held in The Hague.
CIEL | 5-déc-2017
A new report released today warns that the European Commission’s proposed Multilateral Investment Court threatens to lock in an undemocratic investor-state dispute settlement scheme that undermines national democratic authority.
The Hindu | 5-déc-2017
The Tamil Nadu government moved the Madras High Court for an interim stay on carmaker Nissan Motor from proceeding with international arbitration over the alleged non-payment of incentives being claimed by it from the State.
Vietnam+ | 4-déc-2017
The FTA is expected to be completed and start in 2018 or 2019, while the ISDS will be discussed and agreed in later years.
Japan News | 4-déc-2017
Japan and the European Union intend to bring an economic partnership agreement into effect in 2019 as planned by finalizing tariff-related measures first and setting aside those on investment.
Lexology | 4-déc-2017
As China’s Belt and Road Initiative continues to gain momentum, the CIETAC investment arbitration rules are designed to offer an alternative institution and rules to resolve disputes between investors and states.
The Financial | 4-déc-2017
Under the terms of the agreement, ConocoPhillips will recover a total of $337 million from Ecuador.

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