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Global Labour Column | 28-Sep-2016
For decades, labour has been fighting purely defensive battles against the neo-liberal trade and investment agenda; we lack an agenda of our own. Lost ground will not be reclaimed on what is fundamentally hostile territory, argues Peter Rossmann of the IUF.
American Prospect | 22-Sep-2016
The new president needs a fresh approach to trade.
RT | 23-Dec-2015
El TPP da a más de 9.000 empresas extranjeras el derecho de violar leyes que protegen el medioambiente y evitar los tribunales.
AFL-CIO | 16-Nov-2015
A coalition of U.S. and Mexican labor and civil society groups are taking an unprecedented legal approach to protect workers’ rights that will test the strength of labor protections in international trade agreements. | 23-Sep-2015
For years, trade and justice activists have proposed renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to address some of the deal’s most damaging features: for example, by removing the anti-democratic investor-state dispute settlement provisions of Chapter 11, linking trade benefits to genuine protections for human and labour rights (all the more important given the deteriorating democratic situation in Mexico), and establishing a continent-wide strategy for auto investment and production.
TUC | 20-Aug-2015
TUC Congress believes that the primary purpose of TTIP is to extend corporate investor rights’ and thus adopted a position of ‘outright opposition’ to TTIP.
No al TTIP | 8-Jul-2015
La Confederación Europea de Sindicatos (CES) ha instado a los Eurodiputados a votar en contra de esa enmienda señalando, entre otras críticas, que el nuevo texto es un retroceso respecto a la posición acordada anteriormente por la comisión de comercio del Parlamento Europeo (INTA) que sí mencionaba una Jurisdicción Internacional de las Inversiones.
EurActiv | 5-Jun-2015
Union leaders on both sides of the Atlantic have called for TTIP negotiators to drop extra-legal arbitration systems from any future trade deal. They believe existing judicial systems offer adequate protection to investors. EurActiv France reports.
EurActiv | 5-Jun-2015
Les leaders des organisations syndicales allemandes et américaines appellent à refuser tout système d’arbitrage au sein du futur traité transatlantique. Ils estiment que la justice offre une protection suffisante aux investisseurs.
EurActiv | 24-Apr-2015
Shrouded with secrecy and posing a threat to public services, Owen Tudor tells EurActiv why the UK Trade Union Congress doesn’t believe the hype over TTIP, and why exploitation, rather than immigration, should be the cause of people’s concerns.

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