North America Free Trade Agreement

El País | 16-aoû-2017
La ministra de Exteriores, Chrystia Freeland, quiere que el nuevo tratado sea "más progresivo" y busca inspiración en su pacto comercial con Europa.
Politico | 10-aoû-2017
More than 100 U.S. business groups and associations are pushing the Trump administration to not only preserve investor-state dispute settlement and related provisions in an updated NAFTA agreement but to also strengthen them to further protect intellectual property and interests.
Lexology | 8-aoû-2017
ISDS reform is one of several “negotiating objectives” announced last month by the Office of the United States Trade Representative.
Eje Central | 8-aoû-2017
Cortes para proteger inversiones se han corrompido hasta convertirse en fábricas de dinero.
SSRN | 4-aoû-2017
The Bilcon tribunal ruling raises a number of concerns about the ability of investor protection tribunals to properly assess whether a foreign investor has been treated fairly under a domestic environmental assessment process.
Gestión | 25-jui-2017
EE.UU. confirmó la semana pasada que entre sus principales objetivos en el TLCAN está la eliminación del mecanismo de resolución de controversias del capítulo 19 que Mulroney hizo tanto para preservar.
Info Justice | 14-jui-2017
The cool reasoning of the Canadian Supreme Court does not acknowledge or reference “external” pressures or the Eli Lilly v. Canada ISDS case. However, courts do not decide cases in a vacuum. This case seems to have been decided in a pressure cooker.
Green America | 12-jui-2017
100 small businesses : NAFTA currently privileges multinational corporations over U.S. small business unfairly under “Investor-State Dispute Settlement” preferential treatment.
The Progressive | 4-jui-2017
Regardless of the short-term outcome, the movement for a progressive new NAFTA will hand progressives a dynamic issue—and a mobilized base—in the 2018 and 2020 elections. The current renegotiation could set the stage for future battles, perhaps for deeper change.
Global Trade Mag | 30-mai-2017
One of the most overlooked aspects of NAFTA is the Investor-State Dispute Settlement.

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