The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) was concluded in 2014 between the European Union and Canada. It is currently in the process of being ratified.

The agreement covers most aspects of new generation trade deals, including intellectual property, public procurements, regulatory cooperation, services and elimination of tariffs.

It also includes an investment chapter with a revised investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism, dubbed investment court system, which enables foreign corporations to sue states if they deem their profits or investment potentials affected by new laws or changes in policy.

(March 2015)

SSRN | 22-Oct-2016
For eight reasons, Gus Van Harten argues that the Declaration does very little to alleviate key concerns arising from the CETA’s proposed special rights and privileges for foreign investors
VOA | 20-Oct-2016
Protests against the Rosia Montana mine project continued for more than 15 years and resulted in the largest demonstrations in Romania since the late 1980’s.
Le Temps | 18-Oct-2016
La fonction régalienne de l’Etat souverain se heurte à la règle internationale du commerce fondée sur le respect de la parole donnée. Et les organes d’arbitrage qui tranchent les litiges ne donnent pas toujours raison aux Etats.
Stop TTIP | 17-Oct-2016
Over 100 law professors from across Europe have come together to send a clear message to EU decision makers demanding the investor protection mechanisms be excluded from TTIP and CETA.
EurActiv | 14-Oct-2016
The European Commission faces an EU court battle to keep secret its lawyers’ analysis on whether the controversial investor-state-dispute (ISDS) clause in draft trade deals with the USA and Canada is illegal.
EurActiv | 14-Oct-2016
La Commission européenne devra justifier devant la justice le secret entourant son analyse de la légalité du système de règlement des différends entre investisseurs et États du TTIP et du CETA.
CEO | 13-Oct-2016
Les attaques dangereuses contre les réglementations protégeant l’intérêt public et l’environnement ne prendront pas fin suite aux nouvelles propositions européennes sur l’investissement dans les traités de commerce, selon un nouveau rapport.
S2B | 12-Oct-2016
The Joint Interpretative Declaration on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) reaffirms that investors can bypass the domestic court systems and will enjoy ample rights without any obligations.
Inf’OGM | 30-Sep-2016
S’il est adopté, le Ceta aboutira à une consolidation des droits de propriété industrielle dont le Certificat d’obtention végétale et le brevet qui concernent directement les semences.
Global Labour Column | 28-Sep-2016
For decades, labour has been fighting purely defensive battles against the neo-liberal trade and investment agenda; we lack an agenda of our own. Lost ground will not be reclaimed on what is fundamentally hostile territory, argues Peter Rossmann of the IUF.

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