The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) was concluded in 2014 between the European Union and Canada. It is currently in the process of being ratified.

The agreement covers most aspects of new generation trade deals, including intellectual property, public procurements, regulatory cooperation, services and elimination of tariffs.

It also includes an investment chapter with a revised investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism, dubbed investment court system, which enables foreign corporations to sue states if they deem their profits or investment potentials affected by new laws or changes in policy.

(March 2015)

Counterpunch | 8-Jul-2016
CETA, like its cousins TTP and TTIP, would cement into place the right of multi-national corporations to dictate to governments without any democratic input.
TTIP Free Zones Europe | 9-Jun-2016
Aristoteli joined a growing movement of local authorities opposed to CETA and TTIP to deny the building of a polluter’s paradise
Le Monde | 8-Jun-2016
Sans s’opposer à l’accord commercial sur le principe, les députés luxembourgeois ne se satisfont pas des modifications apportées en février par les négociateurs au chapitre d’arbitrage.
New Generation Trade Blog | 27-May-2016
The new trade is something with much more weight: It’s about community power and who gets to make decisions.
CIGI | 23-May-2016
Canada and the European Union released a revised Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) in February 2016. The revisions focus on the controversial and deeply flawed process of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS).
No al TTIP | 21-May-2016
Aunque el CETA crearía un mercado mucho más pequeño que el que se pretende crear a través del TTIP, se trata de un comercio agresivo y supone el incremento de privilegios y poderes para las grandes empresas e industrias.
El Diario | 10-May-2016
Debido a su gran parecido, el CETA también es conocido como ’el TTIP canadiense’, el ’Acuerdo Integral de Economía y Comercio’ entre la UE y Canadá.
No al TTIP | 3-May-2016
Un documento al que ‘Público’ ha accedido en exclusiva prueba que el Ejecutivo en funciones trabaja para que el CETA pueda aplicarse a partir del 2017, aunque no ha obtenido ningún tipo de apoyo del parlamento, ni le ha pedido que se pronuncie al respecto.
FFII | 2-May-2016
In case the EU would strongly act to protect our personal data, Canadian financial institutions would be able to exploit the textual shortcomings using CETA’s investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism.
Politico | 29-Apr-2016
The Walloon Parliament voted against ratification of the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement (CETA). The parliament is worried about social and environmental norms and the investor-state arbitration system.

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